Hello and welcome to the Sassy Blog!

Sassy is the premier filmed content creation company for brands, marketing and communication agencies.

Our focus is commercials, sponsorship, brand film and social video production, Broadcast PR and live streaming events around the world.

If you love stories around creative, production, broadcast, advertising, PR, social video, live streaming, TV, behind the scenes, brands, agencies, media coverage, movies, events, campaigns, influencers, trends, audiences, music, toys, cars, stunts, the famous, the not so famous, the good, the bad and the funny things that make us stop, watch and think. This is for you.

Or of course you might just be related to someone who works here and are trying to understand what on earth your son, daughter, brother or sister actually does for a living. In that case 'Hello Mum'.           

So throughout 2019 and beyond, we will be posting videos, stories, industry insight and opinion, guides, gags, lists and links to what we are creating, what we are thinking, what we find fascinating. Oh and there will probably be a few rants and maybe some stories on office dogs.

Your'e welcome.   

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