Welcome to 'The Ministry'. A private members club and workspace. SE1 London - Born and bred. 

The legendary Ministry of Sound kicked open the doors on clubbing back in 1991 in the heart of old Southwark. Which back then was a very different area to the gleaming and fashionable thriving part of the city it has now become. 

Nearly 30 years on and the old Victorian print works in Southwark have been requestioned by The Ministry to form the centrepiece of the revitalisation of the area for the creative industries south of the river. A hub for artists, thinkers, doers and creators across six floors of private members and co-working space. A space with it's own tequila bar in the toilet if you are so inclined.

“The Ministry will be a stark contrast to the generic glass box offices, bored receptionists, bad coffee and gratuitous beer taps which have become synonymous with bland co-working spaces around the world,” says Lohan Presencer, Chairman of Ministry of Sound. “But, like our club, it doesn’t work if we open the doors to everyone. The Ministry is by creatives for creatives - music companies, film and TV producers, marketing agencies, PR companies, creative technology start-ups, fashion designers and the arts.”

When you bill yourselves as 'Giving a shit about our music, our art and the planet. And we love dogs' - There was only one choice of production agency to partner with to create the new promo film. Sassy. This short film Directed by Sassy's Steve Kemsley shows that this isn't working, this is 'The Ministry'

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