So boxing day doesn’t have anything to actually do with the noble art of boxing. Bet you didn't know that.

Nor is it related to boxing up the armageddon aftermath of kids present opening, popping those late Christmas cards in the box, getting out of your box on creamy liqueur to get you through that extended family visit or getting your car boxed in by the sales hordes at Ikea, Lakeside.  

No, it has its origins in the early middle ages or around the recorded deeds of good King Wenceslas (Yes that one from the carols). However, it is generally accepted that ‘Boxing Day’ was popularised by the Victorians where it became traditional to do small acts of kindness and charity. This was a way for folk to give small gifts or ‘boxes’ to tradespeople, servants and those they wished to reward. In those days the boxes were likely to contain left over food and half drunk bottles of plonk from Christmas day. These days it'll will probably take the form of a fiver for the postie or bin men at the front door. Or a once in a lifetime opportunity to go in for a round with the heavy weight champion of the world Anthony Joshua

Which nicely segways into our recent project for Sky VIP which aired on Boxing Day.

Working closely with Sky VIP's PR and events team, Sassy rigged out a London gym with cameras to surprise some lucky competition winners. Thinking they were there to train with the incredibly fitness team behind world champion boxer and future national treasure, Anthony Joshua, we thought they ought to have a knockout experience.

Check out the video above to see what happened……

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